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The SRJC Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance Department’s mission is to prepare students for successful transfer to baccalaureate (four-year) institutions as well as prepare students for jobs within the fitness, athletic training, and coaching industry. In addition to transfer and career oriented degrees and certificates, courses in kinesiology, athletics, and dance offer opportunities for students to gain knowledge and skills in physical fitness, aquatics, combatives, athletic training and athletics. Students will learn how to sustain safe and effective, lifelong physical activity for a healthy and productive life. In addition, students will understand the connection between physical activity and one’s physical and cognitive well-being.

Our cluster supports student learning by teaching a variety of beginning level courses; encouraging more advanced students to enroll in more advanced levels of the class and in combo classes serve as examples and tutors for the beginning students. As we complete more of the SLO's we will begin assessing those courses.

SLO's have been completed and assessed in a number of our classes. In the spring 2011 semester our faculty is attempting to assess every SLO for every class we teach.





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