• Haehl Pavilion

    Santa Rosa Junior College Haehl Pavilion

    Haehl Pavilion

    SRJC is extremely proud of its spacious multipurpose gymnasium that was built in 1982. Demonstrating its planned versatility, the sports complex is comprised of three regulation basketball courts, three volleyball courts, and six badminton courts, offering a seating capacity in excess of 2,000 spectators. All varsity basketball and volleyball home contests are played in Haehl Pavilion, as well as local regional high school basketball playoffs, All-Star games, and even university level volleyball, providing fans with exciting college and high school competitions.

    Frequently selected to host the California State Wrestling Championships, Haehl continues to attract the attention of outside groups including the Harlem Globetrotters, Special Olympics, Girl Scout's Sports Expo, Firefighters vs. 49ers Basketball and, at one time, the Golden State Warriors. An excellent facility for basketball camps and high school summer league play, Haehl Pavilion is also home to the Bear Cub Athletic Trust's Wall of Fame. Acknowledging many past outstanding athletes and coaches, SRJC Hall of Fame inductees' plaques can be viewed in the rear foyer of the pavilion.

    Instructional classes, sports activities, and special fund raisers notwithstanding, Haehl Pavilion is also utilized each year for the President's Community Address, the Press Democrat Awards, the Clo Bowl Banquet, and the JC's Nursing Program graduation ceremonies.

    Completing the list of comprehensive facility amenities are three coaching offices, two team locker rooms, a first aid room, conference room, and, of course, a well-equipped snack bar.

  • Tauzer Gymnasium

    Santa Rosa Junior College Tauzer Gymnasium

    Tauzer Gymnasium

    Built in 1935, this picturesque, historic structure has long been the center of our indoor Physical Education classes. Prior to the construction of Haehl Pavilion, Tauzer Gymnasium - an ivy cloaked brick building - was home to the men's and women's varsity basketball teams as well as a gymnastic arena. Currently, a variety of courses are taught in Tauzer Gym throughout the day beginning with early morning yoga and ending with folk and ballroom dance in the evening. Other classes such as fencing, aerobics, Tai Chi, hip hop and body conditioning are also taught in Tauzer Gym. During the fall, Tauzer Gym is home to the SRJC wrestling team.

  • Tauzer Weight Room

    Santa Rosa Junior College weight room

    Tauzer Weight Room

    Santa Rosa Junior College is home to one of the top weight training and fitness centers in the nation. The weight/fitness room is the size of a basketball court, in fact it was the lady bear Cub's home court in the College' s early years.

    This facility is used for weight training, power lifting, circuit training, and bicycle spin classes and is usually packed from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The weight room alone has something for every hard core lifter: hammer strength, flex, cybex machines and olympic plates, dumbbells and barbells The students and athletes at SRJC have a number of workout options in this center, including stair steppers, tread mills and spin cycles. In addition, this center has state of the art adaptive machines for wheel chair students.

    Santa Rosa Junior College weight room

  • Tauzer 958, The Mat Room

    Santa Rosa Junior College mat room

    Tauzer 958, The Mat Room

    The wrestling room is located upstairs on the east side of the Tauzer complex, adjacent to the outdoor pool of the Quinn Swim Center. The mat room is 40' x 60' with wall-to-wall Resilite 500 mats. The interior walls are covered with mats up to five feet in height.

    The room is equipped with two heavy punching bags that can be raised and lowered as needed, as well as two speed bags. In addition, there are two 20' climbing ropes and a 32-hole pegboard for climbing. Ample natural light fills the room while two ceiling fans aid in ventilation. A stereo system is in place to allow cassette tapes and compact disks to be played.

  • Adaptive PE

    SRJC Adaptive PE

    Adaptive PE

  • Sports Medicine Training Room 6

    SRJC Sports Medicine Training Room

    Sports Medicine Training Room