Fitness and Health Coach Certificate and Major

The Fitness and Health Coach Certificate of Achievement and Major at Santa Rosa Junior College is designed to provide an in-depth study and practical application of principles of health, weight management, behavior modification, fitness testing, physical fitness training, exercise leadership and program design. This certificate/major is for students seeking entry-level careers and/or additional training in the fitness and health industry. Possible career opportunities may include personal trainer, group exercise instructor, health or wellness coach, weight management consultant, and fitness instructor. This program prepares students to sit for the nationally recognized certification exams by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and health coach.

This certificate is unique in its design because in addition to learning principles of exercise science, it also encompasses comprehensive topics in the area of health, nutrition, and behavior change vital for fitness trainers to address broader client goals and to meet the need of a growing trend toward wellness type coaching. This certificate also has a strong emphasis on practical “hands-on” experience and teaching techniques.

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