BRIDGES and BARRIERS - SRJC Spring Dance Concert 

DATES:  May 4th, 7pm - May 5th, 7pm - May 6th, 2pm 

TICKETS:  $18 General  & $15 Students

LOCATION:  SRHS Performing Arts Auditorium,  1235 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa 95401


EVENT SEARCH:  "Barriers and Bridges"


DATES:  June 11-14, 2018jazz dancers

TIME:  9:00am-1:00pm

AGES: 15-Adult

COST:  $160

LEVEL:  Intermediate and up.

JAZZ IS BACK and hotter than ever!  This comprehensive Jazz Intensive offers dancers the chance to experience the unique talents and techniques of the Jazz dance industry. Dancers will be immersed in daily classes with a challenging variety of styles including Contemporary, Traditional Jazz, Commercial/Street Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Team Technique, Improvisation and an Audition Workshop. Over the course of the four day Intensive, dancers will have the opportunity to participate in:

New Work: This class will focus on the creation of a new work by former Broadway dancer Dylan Smith. Participants will be involved in the creative process and will have the opportunity to explore the personal and performance aspects of the dance throughout the four days.

Repertory/Exploring Excerpts: This class will spend short intense spans of time exploring excerpts (i.e. duets, trios, etc.) from a variety of pieces, offering an overview of Smith’s work. Through this investigation, the class will experience the wide Dylan Smith, Master Teacherrange of movement dynamics, emotional nuance and spatial architecture inherent in Smith’s choreography.

Performance Skills/Audition Workshop: In this class, dancers will examine how to use time, focus, awareness and identity as tools to explore the performance experience and build a performance practice. We will strive for authenticity and expressivity in discussion, observation and comprehensive movement exercises.

*All classes will be held at Santa Rosa Junior College’s Tauzer Dance Studio.

*What to bring:  water bottle, jazz shoes, dance paws, socks, snack/lunch and notebook.

HOW TO REGISTER: Visit:  *Be sure to click link that says "PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT" 


Make sure to make an appointment to speak with the Dance Coordinator about your dance schedule by emailing


Dance, as an academic discipline, encompasses the elements of dance as a performing art, as well as the science of dance as movement. The mission of the dance program is to promote dance as a medium of communication and expression uniquely effective in the conveyance of meaning, emotion and cultural values. The mission is also to train dancers in sound dance techniques so their bodies are effective instruments for this artistic expression. The techniques of the program increases students' level of physical fitness, coordination, and grace through dance training, and presents dance as a rigorous and specialized area of the performing arts, demanding a high level of physical preparation as well as a thorough understanding of aesthetics.

SRJC DancersThe Dance mission includes the following objectives:
  1. Creating an environment in which the general student population may experience dance as a means to enhance physical fitness and wellness, understand and appreciate other cultures and periods of history, interact cooperatively with men and women of various ages and cultural/ethic backgrounds, and learn aesthetics
  2. Preparing dance students to transfer as dance majors to public state and private colleges and universities
  3. Providing preparation for careers in dance including the areas of choreography, dance performance and dance instruction
  4. Maintaining diversity of instruction and course offerings

Dance Program Outcomes
Upon successful completion of a season with the SRJC dance department, the student will be able to:
1. Majors will develop proficiency in modern, jazz, and ballet dance forms, enabling them to pursue higher level dance degrees.
2. Majors will have practical experience in the performance and production aspects of dance.
3. Certificate dancers will have the skills and techniques to secure employment at local dance studios.
4. Recreational dancers will develop an appreciation to the rigors involved with learning a dance form, both physically and emotionally.