DEC 13th and 14th 7:00pm- Black Box Theater Tauzer 951

Tickets: $12, Students $6, free for children under 10.

Dancer on knees in spotlightNovember 20, 2019, Santa Rosa, CA—The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) Dance Program presents its third annual Winter Spotlight Dance Gala on December 13 and 14. Its new Touring Dance Company (TDC), is comprised of some of the program’s most promising dancers. In the gala, they collaborate with dance faculty to create featured dance pieces that honor the unique qualities of each performer. Performances begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre, Tauzer Gymnasium 951. Tickets are available at the door beginning at 6:00 p.m.

This intimate evening of dance will feature works by SRJC TDC, Tamara Grose, Carrie Stillman, and new student choreographers. This performance includes contrasting musical theatre, contemporary and abstract modern dance genres with a unifying theme exploring body, mind and the human spirit.

TDC Director, Casandra Hillman, premieres “Pollock,” a contemporary collage focusing on bodies in space from an expressionist lens with a frenetic versus fluid dancing style. “Another Day of Sun,” an upbeat musical theatre piece by Alexandra Cummings, is an unlikely companion to the dark work of Tanya Knippelmeir, “Grey Matter,” an exploration into the sickness of the brain through modern dance.

TDC creates dance pieces designed to both entertain and educate audiences of all ages about the art of dance. They rehearse during the first part of the semester, and then tour local high school dance programs and perform at various Bay Area venues and dance festivals. This program offers students the unique opportunity to experience what it's like to be a dancer in a pre-professional company. The dancers and faculty share an exceptional camaraderie through the ensemble experience.



September 18, 2019 12:00-1:30 

DYLAN SMITH Dylan Smith is a Southern California based dancer, choreographer, instructor and visual artist. He has had the immense pleasure of performing and choreographing with Transcendence Theatre Company. Professional credits include: The Japan and National Tours of 42nd Street, JUBILEE! at Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Principal Dancer aboard Holland America Cruise Line as well as various regional theater work, industrials, film and television. Other highlights include JUMP JIVE & WAIL! with the USO starring Paris Hilton as well as performing alongside the band PHISH to a sold out crowd of 35,000 on New Years Eve at Madison Square Garden. Dylan is a choreographer and audition coordinator for the Emmy award winning production company RWS & Associates in NYC. Mr. Smith is a much sought after instructor and national adjudicator. His upbeat, energetic and multifaceted styles keep him in high demand; traveling across the country to countless studios, workshops and intensives. In addition, Dylan has worked as a choreographer and teaching artist at Sonoma State University and the Santa Rosa Junior College. Dylan holds a BA in Dance from the prestigious Marymount Manhattan College in New York City.




Dance, as an academic discipline, encompasses the elements of dance as a performing art, as well as the science of dance as movement. The mission of the dance program is to promote dance as a medium of communication and expression uniquely effective in the conveyance of meaning, emotion and cultural values. The mission is also to train dancers in sound dance techniques so their bodies are effective instruments for this artistic expression. The techniques of the program increases students' level of physical fitness, coordination, and grace through dance training, and presents dance as a rigorous and specialized area of the performing arts, demanding a high level of physical preparation as well as a thorough understanding of aesthetics.

SRJC DancersThe Dance Mission includes the following objectives:

1.  Creating an environment in which the general student population may experience dance as a means to enhance physical fitness and wellness, understand and appreciate other cultures and periods of history, interact cooperatively with men and women of various ages and cultural/ethic backgrounds, and learn aesthetics.

2. Preparing dance students to transfer as dance majors to public state and private colleges and universities.

3. Providing preparation for careers in dance including the areas of choreography, dance performance and dance instruction.

4. Maintaining diversity of instruction and course offerings.

Dance Program Outcomes
Upon successful completion of a season with the SRJC dance department, the student will be able to:
1. Majors will develop proficiency in modern, jazz, and ballet dance forms, enabling them to pursue higher level dance degrees.

2. Majors will have practical experience in the performance and production aspects of dance.

3. Certificate dancers will have the skills and techniques to secure employment at local dance studios.

4. Recreational dancers will develop an appreciation for the rigors involved with learning a dance form, both physically and emotionally.

Interested in becoming a Dance Major?  Interested in a Dance Certificate?  Make sure to make an appointment to speak with the Dance Coordinator about your dance schedule by emailing Casandra Hillman