Visit the Athletics website here. Santa Rosa Junior College provides student-athletes with the opportunity to compete in an intercollegiate athletic program. As part of the overall mission of the college, intercollegiate athletics is designed to provide an environment that encourages personal growth, discipline, assertiveness, persistence, honesty, sensitivity to others and emotional control. Our athletic program is committed to sound education processes that will allow every student-athlete to physically and mentally challenge himself/herself to excel in a competitive atmosphere through participation in a varsity sport.

The goals and practices of the intercollegiate athletic program are to:

  1. Sponsor intercollegiate competitive sports in accordance with the conference rules and the State Athletic Constitution.
  2. Foster broad programs of men's and women's intercollegiate athletics that are consistent with the educational objectives of Santa Rosa Junior College.
  3. Encourage excellence in performance by all participants in intercollegiate athletics, as well as stimulate academic achievement through the maintenance of high standards of scholarship.
  4. Maintain and increase balanced athletic program offerings for both men and women as student, budget and community interest will allow.
  5. Not allow the recruitment of out-of-state student-athletes as specified in the State Athletic Constitution.
  6. Direct recruiting efforts toward student-athletes residing in Sonoma County and support the right of student-athletes to attend their school of choice and participate in all activities with the conditions specified by the State Athletic Constitution.