Performance Opportunities


These dance company members will be representing SRJC during our performance tours to Oakland, Berkeley, Rohnert Park and other locations.

Eva Azevedo, Elena Barajas, Deanna Dubinin, Rosina Gelormino, Haylee Grund, Sunny Hadish, Bella Hawkins, Bri Holmes, Jo Iversen, Carmen Izquierdo, Jasmine Lopez,

Cassady Loveless, Chloe Mccormick, Christa Page, Olivia Piper, Rosalie Schroeder, Joshua Smith, Caitlyn York

These dance company members will be performing at the Winter Spotlight Dance Gala and will serve as understudies for touring pieces.

Kayla Cramer-Segura, Livvy Greenbaum, Janessa Horner, Gabrial Rizo, Emma Windmueller, Tyson Schubert





The Dance Production class (DANCE 27), Choreography for Performance (DANCE 28), Dance Repertory (Dance 72), and Touring Dance Company (DANCE 29) provide unique and valuable performance experiences for SRJC dance students. 

Through Dance Production, Dance Repertory and Choreography for Performance students have the opportunity to perform in their fellow students' dance pieces, faculty pieces and guest artist's work for  the annual spring dance concert held in the Burbank Auditorium.  This dance production features dances in a variety of styles such as Dunham, Afro-Brazilian, Latin, Hip Hop, Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, and Jazz. As the artistic and technical level of the performance has continued to rise, the spring dance concert has become an anticipated event not only for the college, but for the community as well.

The Touring Dance Company (TDC) auditions and tours in the fall semester, and gives students the unique opportunity to experience what it's like to be a dancer in a pre-professional company. The faculty and students collaboratively create pieces designed to both entertain and educate the audience about the art of dance. TDC rehearses during the first part of the semester and tours local high school dance programs, performs in dance festivals and local artistic venues presenting the show for all ages, offers students a rich learning experience as performing artists. The dancers and faculty share an exceptional camaraderie through the ensemble experience.


With Directors Casandra Hillman and Tanya Tolmasoff at helm, SRJC's Touring Dance Company (TDC) creates a new tradition of dance performance by incorporating music, organic movement and spoken word to promote a deep connection to the spirituality of dance and our dance community. Through the integration of modern, jazz and cultural dance genres SRJC’s most artistically and technically advanced dancers create a sacred space to explore the essence of the light and dark of the human experience and foster dance’s natural storytelling elements.

All of these classes are by audition at the beginning of the semester.